hey, Guys and Girls, it’s Mel your youth leader coming at you with some up and coming events and also some pictures from family camp and also our car rally.

So here’s a wee intro to me.

For those of you that don’t know me too well, am 20 years old, I come from a smallish family of four. My mum and dad and my younger sister. I love sunflowers, they bring me so much joy. I love singing and worshiping god. my fave animal is a cow I have no idea why they are just so peaceful and get to eat food lots. I like food!           When I was younger I wanted to be a cow farmer and a firefighter. I love helping people and seeing people step up and be awesome leaders.                                                                                                       I worked at Teapot Valley Christian Camp for 2 years working in the kitchen and I also got to do kids camps which were super awesome. I am looking forward to doing some crazy stuff with our youth this year. While I am running these programs, I am also studying with pathways college of bible and missions and my area of selection is youth ministry. (Seems obvious. Right)


Up and coming at Whakatu Youth