Thank you God for this amazing world,
that is both diverse and complex.
Thank you for a world that includes
snowy tundra and desert,
that includes rocky mountains and tropical beaches,
that includes icy lakes and warm oceans,
that includes cold winds and warm breezes.
Thank you that the world is not all the same.
Thank you for its beauty and our place in it.

Thank you for our amazing families,
that are both diverse and complex
You know our relationships inside out,
you know that we have family we love,
family we tolerate, family we can hardly stand.
Give us patience with our families this week.
When we would count the ways we have been neglected, teach us to remember
that we too overlook others.
When we would keep track of hurtful words,
call to mind the thoughtless words we have spoken.
When we would itemize the imperfections
of our family members, reveal to us
our own shortcomings.
We need Jesus to show us the way, giving us
a love for our families as deep as the need
for love within ourselves.

Thank you for our amazing congregation
that is both diverse and complex.
Thank you for all who work so hard
to make this place tick.
Thank you for those who teach
children and youth and adults,
serve meals, donate money,
clean sidewalks, arrange flowers
Thank you for those who pray,
who work on committees,
handle our finances,
practice music and hospitality,
share stories, clean up,
visit the sick, play instruments
and attend our services.
Thank you for all the gifts you`ve given
and the way they are used to build up this body of Christ.

Thank you for the amazing way
you work in our world,
in diverse and complex ways
that we can hardly understand.
Thank you for the role you give
our congregation and our families, sowing seeds, being salt and light everywhere we go.
We pray especially at this time of the year
for those we know who are sick….
Our hearts are heavy with the
sad stories in the news this week ….
you know how peace was broken
and how it can be healed.
We call on your amazing power
to renew, to restore, to rejuvenate.

Bless our congregation this year,
bless our journey in being Whakatu Presbyterian,
we want to be good and gifted at loving you
and loving neighbour and caring for your creation.
Grant us skills in community sharing and caring.
May the words we hear each
Sunday from scripture  speak to us
about who you want us to be this year,
in this time and this place.
We pray this in the name of Jesus our Saviour, Amen.