This Christmas, Christian World Service asks you to support families in need of water.  From families of HIV and AIDS, orphans in Uganda’s dry region, to fisherfolk on South India’s coast who have lost access to the sea and their livelihoods—the demand for water is very great.  In rural and urban areas, water shortages or sometimes severe floods are having a huge effect.  With your help, families can get access to the water they need. The right to dignity that comes with safe water, good sanitation and a decent livelihood belongs to us all.

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Advent two – Peace

On South India’s coasts, fisherfolk are being pushed from their homes and livelihoods.  For centuries, they have lived close to the sea but now large scale industry like power plants, shrimp farms and tourist ventures threaten their existence.  Working with Neythal, they are finding ways to take their demands to local government and take legal action to protect what they have.  In the process the often barely literate fisherfolk are learning to gather the evidence and work with supportive scientists.

With your help, the fisherfolk will be able to advocate for their families and communities.  Please support the 2019 Christmas Appeal, so fisherfolk can protect their culture and livelihoods.

Give Water for Christmas, the essence of survival.


Give Water for Christmas, the essence of survival.


Psalm 72:1-7 and 18-19 and Matthew 3:1-12 NIV