These Values are expressed as:

Faith in Christ:  

We strive to be a Christ centred, spirit led community of faith.   We desire to be shaped by the Word of God and will offer vibrant worship to our God whom we know loves us

Power of Prayer:  

We strive to be a praying community acknowledging that we can do nothing in our own strength and need God’s help to empower and guide us as we discern His will

God’s transforming love and Welcoming the Community:  

We strive to be a loving, caring community which is outward-focussed, hospitable, joyful and supportive in a non-judgemental way.   We welcome all people and have a desire to bring others to know Jesus Christ and His transforming love

Spiritual Growth:

We strive to be a journeying community, open to change and responsive to new opportunities and directions presented to us by God to increase His kingdom.


We strive to be an authentic, all-encompassing community which is genuine, honest and transparent to those whom we encounter as we try to create relationships in which people feel and are safe and valued.   We seek justice, equality and non-violence for all people.

God’s Creation:

We strive to be an environmentally aware community believing we are called by God to enjoy and exercise care for His creation.