Governance Council Snippets from April Meeting.

Presbytery Elder.   It was with regret the Governance Council received Don Brooker’s resignation as our Presbytery Elder.   Don has performed this important task for several years.   Thank you Don.   The good news is that we have a replacement – Ian Davidson.   Thank you Ian for volunteering.

Freewill offeringsWe noted that these are down below the budgeted amount. Keith Christie, Sage Harris, Jon Parkes and Kaye Beattie will be working on ways of keeping the congregation updated via the Weekly Bulletin on this important matter.   Meanwhile you are asked to give consideration to making a small increase in your weekly offerings.

Mission Box Funds.    Thanks to Jocelyn Burke for organising the collecting of the boxes, issuing receipts and  banking the money.   Governance Council is considering the distribution of the funds raised and is awaiting information on Kathryn McDaniel’s needs.

New worship complex at Champion Road.   We are still waiting for the Church Property Trustees to give their approval to the concept plan.  Once this is received the detailed plans can be developed.

Mix and Mingle in May   Governance Council encourages every member of the congregation to participate in at least one of these activities.