(Meeting held March 9th 2021)

Hall cleaning – This is now being done by a paid cleaner.   If you have any queries please contact either Jeannie van der Veldt or Kaye Beattie.

Review of the position of Local Missions Minister – This is now underway.   The Governance Council met with Rev Martin Stewart, Presbytery’s Executive Officer and he is now preparing the outcome of the review.  

Mission Plan – A new four year draft Mission Plan for Whakatu Presbyterian is being finalised by the Governance Council.  It now needs input from the congregation.  Copies of the plan will be available to the congregation shortly and following this, a congregational meeting will be held to discuss the plan.  This plan is required to support our application to Presbytery for funding assistance for the position of Local Missions Minister.

Replacement for the Parish Clerk – As Elaine Henry is due to retire from this position at our September AGM the Governance Council is seeking a replacement.   If you have any suggestions of a replacement for Elaine or are interested  in the position yourself please contact either Sage or Elaine.  Training is available.

Presbytery document – “Boundaries, Conflicts of interest and Confidentiality” – Governance Council has decided to affirm the guidelines in the above Presbytery document which sets out a standard of operation for those on the Governance Council.   All existing Governance Council members as well as future ones will be asked to sign that they agree to abide by the guidelines.  If you are interested in seeing this document please contact Elaine Henry.