(Meeting held July 13th 2021)

Police AOS using 34 Champion Rd. Please do not be alarmed if you drive past 34 Champion Rd and see the place swarming with armed police and dogs! Empty houses are few and far between at present and we have been asked by the police if they can use the house and surrounding property for a couple of training exercises over coming months. We have agreed and they will leave the property as they find it. If concerned, check with Kaye about the dates.

Work on the shed at 34 Champion Rd: GC approved some internal work to be done in the shed to make it usable for the period between the house being removed and construction beginning. It will ultimately be used for youth and storage. Work will be starting soon.

Implementation of the Mission Plan: GC is considering how to put our new Mission Plan into action. It is likely that different members of GC will become the champions of the different aspects of the Mission Plan. If members of the congregation have a particular passion for an aspect of the Mission Plan, they will be able to be part of this. It is a work in progress, just as the Mission Plan is a living document and will evolve and change over time.

Governance Council members: As the time draws near for the AGM on the 19th September, please consider whether you would be interested in serving on GC. Nominations are open and forms available from the office. Several of our members have ‘done their time’ and are moving on to new challenges!

Extension of the position of Associate Minister for Sage Harris: GC were delighted to receive notification thatwe have secured funds for the payment of a stipend and associated expenses for the next two years, so we have requested Presbytery to extend the period of appointment of Rev Sage Harris as Associate Minister at Whakatu Presbyterian for a further two years to January 2024.