Snippets from December Governance Council Meeting

Cleaning out of the Richmond site in preparation for selling it will take place in late January.   If you are able to help please contact either Jeannie van der Veldt (547 4323), Wendy Tolland (547 2839) or Elaine Henry (544 8452).

Sale of Richmond site: Real estate agents The Professionals will be marketing the Richmond site from late January and into February.

Cleanliness of church.  If you have concerns about the cleanliness of the church at any stage please contact either Jeannie van der Veldt (547 4323) or Judy Totoro (547 9462).

Resignation of Works Convenor Frank Robinson was received with much regret.  Frank has been involved with the maintenance of the Richmond site for many years and our present site since we moved there.   The Governance Council is extremely grateful to Frank for all his hard work over the years.  A new convenor is being sought and if this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact either Jon Parkes or Elaine Henry.

Appreciation was also expressed at the Governance Council meeting to Elaine Henry for her work on funding applications to PressGo and Alpine Mission Fund.

Champion Road site:  Monthly updates will be printed in the Weekly Bulletin so keep an eye out for these so that you are fully aware of what progress is being made.

Garden at Champion Road:   Kay Peterson has agreed to co-ordinate the maintenance of the garden and will be pleased to hear from any one interested in assisting with the garden.

Ramp at Champion Road for disabled persons:   A contract has been let for this essential work and we hope it is installed in early January.  Although the cost seems high ($4234), once the Governance Council examined it further in relation to the requirements of the various Acts, it is quite reasonable.

Presbyterian Investment Funds (PIF).   We have had to draw down $20,000 from our savings to meet our costs several of which are one offs.

Tahunanui Manse:   As this is not required by our new Associate Minister it will remain tenanted in the mean while.   The letting agency Ray White has been asked to commence the process of increasing the rent.

Contributions to Mission Enterprise Fund (MEF):   We will be making a submission to PCANZ (via Presbytery) seeking a change in PCANZ’s legislation that currently requires churches selling property to contribute 10% of the net proceeds to the MEF unless the sale is replacing a manse for a manse or a church for a church.   We seek an exception from paying the 10% where a surplus manse is sold to assist with a new church building.

Easier access to the hall at Stoke:   We are looking at how we can make it easier for those with walkers to get to the hall for morning tea.

Looking out for others:  In this busy world there is a need for us as Christians to be aware of the needs of others in our congregation and in the community. So often needs right under our noses get overlooked so we need to keep an eye out for those in need and respond where we can.   Or you could contact either Jon or Eileen Gordon (Pastoral Care Convenor – 547 5007).

A gift basket for the previous owners of 34 Champion Road will be delivered to them in the New year to thank them for their gifts of a ride on lawn mower and several other very useful items.

Role of the Moderator of PCANZ is being reviewed at a national level.   The Governance Council will be responding to the questionnaire from PCANZ.

A retreat to discuss items related to 34 Champion Road will be held on Saturday 10th February.   More details soon.   Mean while please mark the date in your diary.