Governance Council Snippets from November

Birthdays and Celebrations Convenor.   Wendy Tolland has taken over this task from Mary Evers.   We will celebrate Mary’s outstanding contribution one Sunday when her health permits her to attend church.

Champion Road Gardens. Vivienne Parkes would like to hear from parishioners interested in helping with the garden maintenance or ‘adopting’ a piece of garden.

Welcome Pack for new comers is being investigated and we will bring you more details in the New Year.                     

Ministry outreach.   Next year we will look at making better contact with those in retirement homes and villages.   We will also look at developing stronger links with 50ish year olds.   Are these mission opportunities for us?

General Assembly 2018 Report.    A two page written report on General Assembly is available.   If you would like a copy please see Elaine Henry.          

Book marks giving some information about Whakatu Presbyterian are now available in the foyer.   If you are visiting us or would like one to hand to someone, or even for putting on your fridge door at home, please either collect a book mark or see the hostess on duty.

Sale of Tahunanui Manse is now under way and will be handled by Elaine Henry, Eileen Gordon and Jeannie van der Veldt.

Building Team plans to meet in mid December with the Governance Council to look at the sketch plans for our new worship complex.   Hopefully preliminary plans will be available for the congregation to view and discuss in late January.

Review of hall rents for 2019 is being undertaken.

Social functions in 2019.   We would like to hold more of these and the Governance Council will be seeking feedback from a “Heart to Heart” gathering of the congregation in February.

Governance Council day Retreat will take place in March.   This will be an opportunity for the Governance Council members to get together and discuss a variety of parish matters.