Governance Council Snippets from July Meeting.

Resignation from the Governance Council was regretfully received from Malcolm Ross who is unable to attend meetings due to other commitments.   Governance Council has conveyed their thanks to him.

Governance Council Vacancy.   With Malcolm’s resignation the Governance Council will shortly call for nominations to fill the vacancy.   Voting on the person to fill the vacancy will take place at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 22 September.

Building Team reported to the Governance Council that a geotechnical engineer and a surveyor have done some work on the property which is required as part of seeking resource management approvals from the Tasman District Council. In due course advice will be sought from an audio visual expert to ensure the building plans adequately provide for audio visual equipment which best suits our purposes.

Draft budget for 2019/2020 year has been prepared.   The Treasurer will make some adjustments to the draft and present it to the August Governance Council meeting.   We will vote on the budget at the AGM.

Report on Mix ‘n’ Mingle in May was received.   People mainly enjoyed mixing and mingling.   Several new groups have been established out of Mix ‘n’ Mingle.

Responsible Stewardship.   Arising out of a General Assembly 2018 request that churches engage in responsible stewardship of our environment, a list of ideas that individuals and the church can implement will be prepared.   This list will be made available to the congregation in due course.