Snippets from October

Missional Governance Council Meeting

New Governance Council members:   We welcomed three new Governance Council members at our October meeting – Keith Christie, Karen Davidson and Vivienne Parkes.

Champion Road Gardens:  In order to keep the gardens looking reasonably tidy we are asking for volunteers to be responsible for a small section of the garden.   Each volunteer can then do ‘their’ piece when it suits them.   Vivienne Parkes (ph 544 6507) is the co-ordinator so see her if you want to be part of this plan.

Convenor of Birthdays and Celebrations List:   Mary Evers has retired from this role after many years of faithful service.   Thank you Mary for your wonderful work.   Wendy Tolland is the new Convenor.

Treasurer:   Anja Bruijl has resigned as Treasurer and Keith Christie has taken over this role.   Thanks to Anja for all her work and welcome to Keith.

Building Team:   Gerard Bruijl has resigned as Convenor of this team and Jon Parkes is the Interim Convenor.   Andrew Irving is working on basic sketches at present and Jon will meet with him again shortly.

Pianos and organ for sale:  With the sale of 11 Florence Street, Richmond these items surplus to requirements will shortly be available for sale.   If you are interested in them please see Elaine Henry.

Use of driveway at 34 Champion Road, Richmond:   Please be aware if using this property outside school hours that permission has been given to the children next door to learn to skate using the driveway.   This is part of our desire to be neighbourly.   If you have any concerns please see Vivienne.

Community Garden:   Sage is leading the development of a community garden at 34 Champion Road.   If you are interested in helping with this please see Sage (547 7773).

Finance Team Membership:   We are looking for more members for the Finance Team.   If you would like more details please contact either Keith Christie (544 5366) or Elaine Henry (544 8452).  The team meets monthly and gives oversight to our accounts.  It is not a ‘hands on’ position.

Microphone:  The congregation will be encouraged to make more use of the roving microphone in church when speaking from the pews so that all in the church can hear what is being said.

Contact details for Governance Council members:  A list is being prepared showing contact details for all Governance Council members and will be displayed in the foyer.   Copies of the list will also be available if you wish to have a personal copy.    A short introduction to each Governance Council member will be placed in the next Quarterly Newsletter.

Tongan Wesley Church use of our premises:    We are reviewing this particularly as that congregation wish to increase their use of the church and the hall.

Review of hall rental charges:   This is being reviewed with a  view to increasing charges.

Refund of Mission Enterprise Fund contribution:   Due to a change of rules General Assembly has agreed to refund to us $48,163 which we were originally required to pay to the Mission Enterprise Fund of PCANZ when we sold the Stoke manse.

“Heart to Heart after Three Years”:   It is now three years since we have been worshipping on one site.  The Governance Council is keen to hear from all congregational members about their views and suggestions on how things are going and invites all members to a discussion session at 34 Champion Road on Sunday 10th February 2019.

“Welcome to Whakatu Presbyterian”:   A bookmark will shortly become available for handing to visitors and those who wish to know more about us.   These bookmarks will be available in the foyer and in the pews and also from the door hostess.  If you see a visitor at church please ensure they get a bookmark.