Governance Council Snippets from 

 February Mission and Strategy Governance Council Meeting.

Putting out our nets – Even though we are all busy, we were encouraged at the meeting to put out our nets just as Jesus encouraged the disciples to do, to see what we harvest.

Attractive Welcome Packs for visitors and for new comers to our congregation are being worked on and we hope to have them available soon.

No nominations for the vacancy on the Governance Council have been received so far.   We urge the congregation to give this serious consideration.   If you want to know more about the vacancy and what it involves please ask any members of the Governance Council – Judy Totoro, Jeannie van de Veldt, Keith Christie, Karen Davidson, Vivienne Parkes, Eileen Gordon, Elaine Henry.

Fundraising ideas as well as fellowship ideas are being looked at and the Governance Council will discuss these further at their annual retreat which is scheduled for 23rd March.

The Heart to Heart meeting  The Governance Council is most appreciative of the comments made and is now working on them.  Some like trialling morning tea changes we can work on straight away but most of the others we aim to report back on to the congregation after our Governance Council retreat.

Presbyterian Women New Zealand has been given approval to have a retiring offering at church on the Sunday 10th March which is the Sunday closest to International Women’s Day.

PressGo report – Our yearly progress report to PressGo on the work that Sage is doing is being prepared and will shortly be despatched to PressGo.    This report is part of the funding agreement we have with them.

New mission project to do with economical meal plans for families is being developed by two members of the congregation.  The Governance Council supports this initiative and you will hear more about it as the idea progresses.  This, and the item below are two examples of putting out our net.

Ukulele tuition idea put forward by Ian Davidson was approved.