(Meeting held June 2021)

Governance Council Secretary.   The position of Parish Clerk has been divided into two.   The Governance Council Secretary will now take over doing the meeting agendas and minutes leaving the Parish Clerk to concentrate on the rest of the Parish Clerk’s duties.  Vivienne Parkes has kindly offered to be the Governance Council Secretary.  All correspondence should still be sent to the Parish Clerk.

Governance Council has voted in favour of an amendment to the Book of Order allowing that “in exceptional circumstances where it is impractical to hold a General Assembly in which participants can attend in person, the Council of Assembly can determine that a General Assembly be held by electronic means”.   This amendment has arisen as a result of Covid-19 where the 2020 General Assemble had to be cancelled.

Youth Enabler for Alpine Presbytery.   Governance Council has now formally agreed that Sage Harris can be released from Whakatu Presbyterian duties for up to 5 hours per week to assist other parishes within Presbytery with their work with youth and young adults.   Presbytery will reimburse us for the hours Sage works for them.

Future of Songer Street site.   Governance Council is looking at various options for what to do with the site once we shift into our new worship centre at Champion Road.

Champion Road site.  Work is progressing towards seeking Building Consent from the Tasman District Council.   Once the plans are absolutely completed, we will need to hold a meeting to get the congregations final approval.

Mission Plan.  Now that the congregation has given final sign off on the Mission Plan the Governance Council is looking at how we can ensure the four focus areas are gradually achieved.