(Meeting held June 2022)

Pathways programme.  We are exploring holding a Pathways programme at Whakatu Presbyterian some time next year.   This short programme is about working out our giftings and is based around three themes – Seasons of Life, Spiritual Growth and Exploring our Gifts. More details later.

Governance Retreat.  A 24-hour retreat for Governance Council members to strategize the implementation of our Mission Plan will be held on 19/20 August.  Once strategy to implement the plans has been worked out, this will be brought back to the congregation.

New hot water heating system in hall kitchen.  This has now been fully installed and we hope will be beneficial to all users of the hall kitchen.

Fundraising co-ordinating team for our new worship centre.  To get this underway, members of the congregation who are interested in being part of the co-ordinating team are asked to meet at the front of the church after the service on 10 July.  The team’s role will be that of co-ordinating the various fundraising efforts, not actually doing all the fundraising themselves.

Removal of house at Champion Road, Richmond.  Unfortunately, the arrangements made by the people who purchased the house for removal, have fallen through.  Now we will be responsible for the demolition of the house an additional cost to us.