Please use the link below for Centering Prayer (as referred to in Jon’s sermon of 19th January 2020)




The following are documents for Whakatu Presbyterian.

Whakatu Presbyterian – Strategic Plan July 2015: Strategic Plan Draft 7

Whakatu Presbyterian – Timeline to Unity: Timeline to Unity 2

The following area other useful resources.

Looking at Kiwi Churches: Researching Kiwi Churches Study Report

The moderators latest white-paper: Its a matter of faith

Here are two papers – Green volunteers: your voice (part one) and Green volunteers: a way forward (part two) – which flow from feedback to the June 2015 white paper “It’s a matter of faith”.  The papers are designed to be read together, and offer a catalyst for further action. Are you willing to be a green volunteer – a sign for hope – emerging from the muddied ground of our past?…/Green_Volunteers_Part_I_final.pdf        …/Green_Volunteers_Part_II_final.pdf